Website animations are often considered the antithesis of minimalism

Website animations are often considered the antithesis of minimalism. It’s understandable – the more movement on a webpage, the less focus there is on your content. However, Vinero is the exception, and tastefully applies animations to enhance its sparse design.

In a refreshing change to other themes, there are no demo layouts in Vinero. Instead, you get one layout, and one portfolio design – perfect for the purists, and it enables you to get up and running straight away. However, there are a multitude of customizations to be found within a dedicated admin panel, and there’s also a bundled version of the Visual Composer plugin to customize your layout further.

As for the animations, they succeed in keeping the focus on your content, while offering a little movement to keep things from being too dour. You have the option to choose a parallax hero background, and each portfolio entry keeps things simple with a slow fading overlay displaying any additional information.

Vinero is one for the minimalist fundamentalists. There’s little to tinker with, yet it provides enough to exercise flexibility in design. Vinero is perfect for creating a no-fuss website with a modern bent, and for a pure minimalist website, there’s little better.


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